Dragonfly Design Report: Power Train

At Mecatecno we have designed the Dragonfly with a clear idea in mind: to bring together the capabilities of a termic bike and the benefits of a green technology by building the lightest, easiest and least demanding trials motorbike we could imagine. To achieve it, we have put into practice a number of innovations, developed 100% by our engineering team. These design and innovation concepts have been developed and tested according to our idea of Electric Trial practice. We invite you to know more about it in four design report issues. This is the first one.

CONCEPT: IMA (Independent Motor Assembly)

Motor: BLDC 15Kw, 48V, oil cooled.
Gearbox: 5 speed.
Clutch: Multidisc hydraulic spring system.
Housing: Combined 6082 T6 / 7075 T6 Aluminium CNC milled block.

IMA is a system that divides the power train in two differentiated blocks: the electric motor, and the gear/clutch box.


INDEPENDENT MOTOR: This architecture allows a clean and more convenient motor maintenance, better electric isolation, and a very fast “in-race” motor replacement in case of failure.

SPRING MULTIDISC CLUTCH vs DIAPHRAGM: Although it is three times heavier, we have shifted from the former diaphragm clutch to a spring one because it provides a better control, higher precision, higher inertial properties and more setting possibilities. This turns into a more sensible control in classic riding style or a faster response in modern riding style, depending upon the chosen setting.

5 SPEED GEARBOX vs SINGLE SPEED: Including 5 speed allows a higher control in sections and a more comfortable ride in intersections. It has also a direct impact on energy savings.